Monday, October 5, 2009

A Twitter Story

Since stumbling upon on HARO a while ago, I've been hooked. This cool site features interviews with business people who are single and doing their thing. Of course, married people experience their own challenges when starting a business, but few address the unique issues that come from being single with no interpersonal support base when you go off to fight the good fight.

Last week, the site's editor (Twitter handle @singlestartups) and I began following one other on Twitter. Yet, when Laura (the editor) direct messaged me on Twitter last Friday, it was an awesome surprise. She wanted to know if I was free to talk, and our phone chat turned into an interview. I love putting the "social" in social media:

If you see this face aimlessly wandering through Southern California, you know Joy Donnell is having a good day. The East Coast transplant and Beverly Hills based PR professional who spends most of her week working to keep her corporate clients happy, describes just that as her ideal day.

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