Friday, October 2, 2009

3 Questions: Camille Solari = Ultimate Hollywood Hyphenate

Camille Solari is creating her own version of Hollywood. When the roles she wanted weren’t coming across her inbox, let alone being written, she wrote them herself. Her resume consists of acting, writing, producing, and even directing, but her multiple job description is no detriment to her image. In fact, it’s part of her edge.

Solari wrote, produced and appeared in True True Lie, a psychological thriller that was picked up by The Weinstein Co. This Boston native performed the same hat trick for the recently released feature, Rocker, about a female musician in the L.A. music scene. To top that off, she also recorded the songs that appeared on the soundtrack.
She has co-produced and directed an intimate documentary on James Brown, which wrapped just weeks before his death.

She recently shot Boston Girls, a dark comedy about Italian and Irish love feuds in Beantown. This film marks her directorial debut in a narrative feature. Oh, and by the way, she also wrote and stars in it. Right now, Solari’s in pre-production for Forever, a supernatural thriller based upon her own script and starring... herself. Edward Furlong and Dennis Hopper are in negotiations to co-star.

Her over-the-top comedy, Hooker’s INC, recently showed in select LA theatres. She co-wrote, produced, and acted in that one, too. It may look effortless, but there was a time when this multi-hyphenate powerhouse was shying away from the idea of publicity. She stood still long enough to answer our 3 questions about PR and branding:

GP: In the past 3 years, you've dramatically increased your publicity and visibility. Were you hesitant at first to put yourself in the public eye, and if so, why?

CS: Yes, I was hesitant. It does feel awkward to go out there and do interviews and promote myself and talk about my movies. It sort of goes against my East Coast grain of being humble and self-deprecating. But it is TOTALLY necessary.

GP: What has your publicity campaign taught you about yourself?

CS: I am doing so many movies and special projects, but personally, I always feel like I want to be doing even more. Yet, the feedback I get from people I run into or those who email is ‘How can you be doing so many movies? How do you have the time? And who the hell is your publicist, and can I hire them?’

GP: Can you name a few results you've seen in your career due to publicity that you doubt you would have received without PR and branding?

CS: Basically, when I go out to social functions or events, I am constantly recognized by people I don’t know. I also got a theatrical release for a feature I did solely as a result of my fan base- which I didn’t have until my works got publicized and I started doing publicity through interviews, print articles, public appearances, and things like that.

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