Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DOING IT Spotlight: Japan Buzzes about Terrisha Kearse

Congrats to my self-promotion protege director Terrisha Kearse who got some overseas press for herself and her film 10-20 in Japan's AUGUST magazine. Check out part of her 4-page article that discusses her unique vision as a filmmaker and where she found the inspiration for her directorial debut.

10-20 tells the story of EJ Henderson (Jah Shams), who discovers at the tender age of 13 that his life is a lie. Tracy (Bee-Be Smith), his birth mother, gave him up to her childless sister who was the victim of a brutal rape and couldn't have kids. Candice (Kimberly Bailey) raised EJ as her own. During these years, EJ channels his anger toward his abusive aunt and uncle into writing poetry. When Candice discovers that she is pregnant, she coldly admits the truth to EJ and sends him to live with Tracy. This betrayal turns the sensitive boy into an angry young man. EJ turns his back on Tracy and looks for acceptance on the streets. As his life spirals downward, EJ realizes too late that he can only control the present when he learns to deal with his past.

The debut film from director Terrisha Kearse, 10-20 derives its name from the Florida law that guarantees a 10-year sentence for possession of an unlicensed firearm, and 20 years to life if the gun is aimed at a person with the intent to shoot or kill. Kearse, who also co-authored the film, based the story on the real-life events that led to the incarceration of a close family member.

View the 10-20 trailer here

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This trailer is amazing! I hope I get to see this soon.