Friday, October 29, 2010

Ms. Beauty Notes

Reinvention can be terrifying. I receive a lot questions about compartmentalizing career transitions or new business ideas and services. For this addition of ASK JOY, our question comes from a singer capitalizing on her beauty:

Hi Joy,

I've been a singer my whole life and love being on stage. I also understand what it takes to feel gorgeous in front of a crowd under the hot spotlight. I'm now launching a new beauty line for women but I can't seem to talk about it. I have some kind of disconnect. Everyone knows me as a singer. How do I talk about this beauty line without having one take away from the other? This line is my dream. I don't want to mess it up.

-Beauty Notes in New Orleans, LA

Ms. Beauty Notes,

From where I'm sitting, being a performer with a beauty line is brilliant. You spend lots of time getting made up just to sweat and possibly clog your pores with all of that beauty while you perform under bright, hot lights. If you've been able to maintain smooth, supple skin inspite of your schedule and career demands, that is a secret that needs to be shared.

First, realize that singing is "what" you do and the beauty line is something you have "created." Neither of these things are you as a whole, they are simply extensions of you and your overall goals.

Second, instead of focusing on the disconnect, telescope the connections. As a performer, you understand the pressures of beauty on women. Let others know that you understand that pressure. Talk about how you overcome the societal obsession with perfection. Define what beauty means to you. Tell women how your products will make them experience their own definition of beauty.

Your key will be consistent personalization, not disconnections. These personalizations will birth connections to other human beings seeking your products. The fact that you have enjoyed a career that also comes with a lot of scrutiny about appearance is a strength and huge advantage for your new business.

Keep rising!


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