Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3 Questions: Frankie Finch Is Such a Problem

Pharrell and Jimmy Iovine know her as a TV host. Rhianna, Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra know her for her stylish fashion designs. Now, these entertainment industry titans are among those discovering Frankie Finch as a double threat singer-rapper in the vein of her inspiration Blondie, but with a modern spunk and attitude.

Given her sexy style and drop-dead gorgeousness, Frankie Finch will certainly surprise people with her no-holds-barred music. “I’m not black and I’m not white, and I look the way
that I do, so people expect something cute to come out of my mouth,” she says. “I want to shock people, and a lot of songs are driven by my hustle.” Add to this a successful clothing line that’s sold in select boutiques and often incorporates lyrics from her catalog of songs, and one begins to appreciate the full scope of Frankie’s image.

Frankie’s good looks, musical knowledge and people skills have helped her land hosting gigs (under her given name) with the Interscope Records-sponsored Farmclub.com and a Pharrell-conceived, Paul Hunter-directed TV show pilot, FEVER.

Each step has gotten her one move closer to fulfilling her life’s dream to become a world-famous entertainer. With a MySpace page that has over 500,000 page views and nearly 1,000 following her on Twitter, she’s going in the right direction. “I’m on a life mission,” she says. “I have to accomplish everything that my heart desires. If I don’t, then it’s going to be a problem.” She took a pause during her musical takeover to answer our 3 questions about self-promotion and increasing brand visibility.

GP: You’re as well known for your fashion as you are for your music. Does publicity for one aid in publicity for the other and how have you connected those two aspects of your career?

FF: You can say one aids the other because when I'm at a "fashion" event they sometimes recognize me for my music and when I'm at a "music" event or doing an interview and I'm wearing FINCH, they’ll ask
me how I started FINCH Clothing... It just kinda connects naturally. It's a lifestyle I really live.

GP: What media result (print profile feature/TV interview, etc.) have you had that you deem most beneficial to your career?

FF: I did a great TV segment for "Your LA" on NBC and my music was chosen by NIKE as its lead campaign song in 18 markets in Asia & Europe. Myspace, Facebook, and Twitt
er have been huge helps in connecting me to fans. And I got great exposure from placing my music on MTV's Laguna Beach.

GP: What has branding yourself taught you about yourself?

FF: That branding FRANKIE FINCH & FINCH Clothing is crucial to my career and overall business. Branding also taught me that keeping my logos, name, music and clothing in front of people does get attention, keep attention, and get a response.

From the May 2009 Issue of GOINGPUBLIC: A 720 PR Newsletter

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