Thursday, September 24, 2009

GOING PUBLIC: What to know before branding YOU

It never hurts to know the right people, but sometimes what's more important is who knows you.

Nowadays, everyone from the CEO of a sole proprietorship to junior executives with dreams of getting that senior-level promotion are stealing a page from Hollywood and welcoming the power of publicity. Many business people choose to do some of their own PR by letting media outlets know that they’re available for “expert opinion” quotes on various subjects, pursuing speaking engagements, and pitching future book ideas.

The media climate is changing. Bill Gates is a celebrity and "Brand YOU" is all the buzz. In an economy of slim job pickings, a little publicity can give a big leg up on the competition and create avenues for an executive to become a commercial entity. A profile in Lucky can turn into a promotion, unexpected job offer, even a Crest commercial. Who knows?

Since the fame game doesn't always have clean cut rules or paths, it helps to mentally prepare for what possibly lies ahead. Before you call your sorority sister at Portfolio to pitch a story on you- accepting the following facts can save your future branded self a lot of grief:

+ Know thyself.
Have an idea of how you DON’T want to be seen in the spotlight before it shines upon you.

+ Realize that the road is long and winding.
In an idyllic world, brands are built overnight. In reality, it usually takes at least 5 years. Any future brand must remember the legacy is greater than the currency.

+ Learn how to take a hit.
Going public with your image opens you up to good, bad, and ugly reviews. Whether it’s someone refuting you on Twitter or backlash from company peers, it won’t all be applause and accolades.

+ You must walk the walk! You must talk the talk!
If you’re going to be a brand, act like a brand. Successful brands approach the think tank everyday with brand consistency in mind.

+ Keep your eyes on the road.
Branding yourself might not brand your company. And your company might resent you for it.

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Hi Joy, these are good tips; thanks so much; have a great day.