Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The TIP Sheet: Being Pitch Perfect

Anyone who’s ever received a letter or email addressed to “Dear valued customer,” or “Dear Sir/Madame” knows how uninspiring and deflating the experience is. If you can’t address a person individually, why do it at all?

Pitches are no exception. Tailoring pitch letters is fundamentally important for connecting to the media outlet being targeted. An editor at Glamour probably seeks completely different story content than an editor at BBC, so never address them the same or give them a generic pitch.

Know the media outlet being pitched, get as specific as possible with the details of your story ideas, explain why their audience will be interested in what you’re promoting, and get that particular editor excited!

Remember, everyone likes feeling special.

From the July/Aug 2009 issue of GOINGPUBLIC, a 720 PR newsletter

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